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There's not much I can say to explain my complete and utter desertion of this community. I hope those of you who were around when we first started can forgive me for that. To those who weren't: I'm Desiree, and I co-founded this community four years ago.

I'm blown away by the totally formidable talent that's overtaken this community. It's been at least three years since I've typed livejournal.com into my address bar, and in that time, my little baby has grown into a walking, talking person with thoughts and opinions of its' own, without any help whatsover from me. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see what you've become. :)

I can't promise to dedicate my life and soul to this community like I could three years ago, but I will promise to frequent your world as often as I can.

On a slightly more business-type note, expect a new userinfo and layout in the near future. I can't see that many changes at all need to be made as far as policies and such go, but there will be a comments-box entry to come within the next few days, as you know your community better than I do at this point. Help a sister out. :)

Kindest and sincerest regards,
it will be as if i never existed.

Fan Fiction: Reminisce On This

Title: Reminisce On This
Rating: M
Spoilers: Nothing. A/H.
Pairings: Alice/Jasper, Edward/Bella, Rosalie/Emmett (All canon pairings)
Author: P3rfume
Summary: Alice, hailing from NYC, is tragically struck with the death of her parents and is sent to live with her Aunt Esme and step-family in dreary Forks, WA. after leaving a rehab center. Just when she thought things couldn't be worse, suave photographer, Jasper, sweeps her off her feet and helps relieve her of her inner demons.
Disclaimer: You know how it goes, Stephenie Meyer is the genius, I just made the characters human, Alice slightly more psycho, Emmett a bit more neurotic, and Jasper more delicious (even though it was hardly possible to make him better).

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hey, i made some icons and banners. the post will be open until june 15th.

1 - 32 Ashley Greene (+some with Kellan Lutz)
33 - 39 Nikki Reed
40 - 74 Eclipse (movie)
75 - 109 Kristen Stewart (+ some with Dakota Fanning)
110 - 112 Anna Kendrick
113 - 118 Text (mostly Twilight related)
banners; 119 - 121 Eclipse movie
122 - 122 Kristen Stewart


here @ pennylane_art
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I made some new icons .... what do you think bbs? :]

[1 - 5] Robert Pattinson
[6 - 9] Edward Cullen
[10 - 16] Remember Me
[17 - 28] Emilie De Ravin
[29 - 48] Ashley Greene
[49 - 59] Anna Kendrick
[60 - 64] Emma Watson
[65 - 90] Harry Potter, Twilight, Romeo & Juliet, Beauty and the Beast,
Alice in Wonderland, Ever After, Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo Dicaprio, & stock.

click here to view 90+ icons @ dream_fairytale ♥

This post will only be open for a few days .... after that will be locked to members only.
Feel free to join the community if you like my work. Thank you <3

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oh hai. here are some icons of various celebs. please make sure to follow the rules. this post will be open until may 20th.

1 - 7 Dakota Fanning
8 - 12 Jackson Rathbone
13 - 44 Kristen Stewart
45 - 54 Rachel Bilson (+Tom Sturridge)
55 - 63 Robert Pattinson
64 - 98 Ashley Greene
99 - 107 Rob & Kristen (+Taylor)
108 - 124 Glee Cast
125 - 144 Emma Watson


here @ pennylane_art